2024 Backyard Ultra Team World Cup

On 19.10.2024, the following Backyard Ultra International Team World Championships will take place. This time, an Estonian backyard ultra friend does not have to follow the results by clicking on the computer, but you can also put your foot on the line yourself! However, the fifteen best bäkkyarders in the republic have the opportunity to do so.

In other words, on 19.10.2024 at exactly 15.00, the best sons and daughters of all countries will start their first lap of 6.7km, and so will we. Since we already have quite cool temperatures in the second half of October, there will definitely be a room next to the track where we can keep warm between the circles. The location of the track is still open, I would like to find the lightest possible route (so that the whole team stays on the track as long as possible). It's going to be fun... until it's not there anymore! 

Qualification Rules:
  • Take part in one of the official Backyard Ultra during the two-year qualification period (16.08.2022 – 15.08.2024).
  • If as of 15.08.2024 you are among the top fourteen results in the qualification period, then you are in the team!!! It is also worth being attentive to the following, because with the first waivers, the next ones will get a chance!
  • An automatic place in the national team is guaranteed by the victory of the Heavy Metal Ultra, the only silver ticket competition in Estonia in 2024 (if the victory goes outside Estonia, the best Estonian or participant permanently residing in Estonia will receive the silver ticket)
  • Estonians and persons permanently residing in Estonia can enter the team.
  • For the same results, they are ranked as follows: 1. In the first order, the results with which Backyard Ultra has been won. 2. Next in strength is the so-called "assist" result, that is, the result with which it has been the penultimate. 3. The third strongest is the result made earlier by date. 4. If the equivalent results have been made in the same competition and they are not the results of the win or "assist", and their ranking depends on their entry into the team, then their owners should try to agree among themselves which team will be entered. If no agreement is reached, the decision will be made by the Estonian satellite competition organizing committee.
  • All team members must confirm their participation in the World Cup no later than 19.08.2024.

The result is to participate in the official Backyard Ultra, which takes place anywhere in the world, no other ultra run result will help to qualify for the team. Not even a world record for 100 km! All official competitions can be found on the following page: https://backyardultra.com/races/

Team Estonia (as of 15.08.2023)

 NameResultQualifying competition*Status
1Reserved for 2024 HMU Winner
2Hannes Veide34HMU 23Endorsed by
3Elmo Soomets33HMU 23Endorsed by
4Priit Valk31HMU 23Endorsed by
5Liina Kesamaa31HMU 23ootel
6Reigo Arbor28HMU 23ootel
7Lauri Pihlak27HMU 23Endorsed by
8Karl Kevin Ruul25Nuuksio Backyard Ultra 2023ootel
9Laura Komp24Cursores Backyard Ultra 2023Endorsed by
10Andre Valkman24HMU 23Endorsed by
11Heno Ivanov24HMU 23ootel
12Blanca Punt23HMU 23Endorsed by
13Lauri Mänd21HMU 23Endorsed by
14Andres Aleksander Tammer20HMU 23ootel
15? Martin Fish19HMU 23 
15? Hendrik Vija19HMU 23 
15? Kristjan Tulp19HMU 23 
18Merko Vaga18Åsele Backyard Ultra 2023 
19Olle Rõuk18Cursores Backyard Ultra 2023 
20Oleg Ignatiev18HMU 23 
21Martin Rakita18HMU 23 
22Kaspar Taumann18HMU 23 
Team Estonia has a size of 15 people.  
The following are the next in the running rankings to be placed in the team if there are drop-outs from the front.
*Status:"Confirmed" - has confirmed his participation  
*Status: "Pending" - has not yet confirmed its participation 


  • Andre the white
    Posted on 15/08/2023 12:41 0Likes

    I attend

  • Priit Valk
    Posted on 15/08/2023 04:36 0Likes

    I confirm my wish to participate.

  • Hannes Veide
    Posted on 16/08/2023 03:50 0Likes

    I confirm my participation

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